It has come again dear readers….that mid-March milestone that marks my 7th year anniversary of dancing around the world’s stages…Four years in Copenhagen with Royal Danish Ballet, followed by three here in Boston — it’s funny how days seem endless in the thick of Spring season, but nearly a decade’s work can fly by like a dreamy night’s sleep.Boston Ballet in Léonide Massine's Gaîté Parisienne. Costumes by Christian Lacroix

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately…trying to provide myself the freedom and space to ride trains of thought down wayward tracks of curiosity. Whenever I feel the need for artistic motivation, I look to books, broadways and blogs that allow me to learn from the paths of other passions. I listen to podcasts, read articles, and lose track of time on Pinterest/Instagram willing a ‘creative bug’ to catch on…I’ve found the days I remain consumed by my own thoughts, worries, and goals are the best days to dive into the journeys of others. As artists, I believe we are capable of our most fulfilling work when we surround ourselves with such creative content.Creative Content

For the namesake of this here post, I thought I might clarify the duality of content’s definition.

In one breath, we have creative content (noun) – any type of original material, expressed through artistic mediums of writing, movement, design, etc; a specific holding capacity that stores manifested talent, beckoning artistic investment. It is this type of content that I prioritize surrounding myself with, contributing to, and dreaming of as a performing artist, a photographer, a writer.

In another breath, creative content (adjective/verb/noun) describes a state of being, ideally a satisfaction, that is the happy place of aspiring artists who have found their flow, or are simply mentally or emotionally in sync with their purpose/pursuit. For most of us, this idea of being content is much harder to come by than you might realize, an inconvenient truth that reminds us daily to enjoy the journey of the day to day. Perhaps creative content is an illusion in and of itself, considering that artists are living works in progress — Are we ever 100% content with where we are? How fair is this expectation at the end of the day?Glove Seller in Gaite Parisienne Rising Strong

Through the pages and podcasts of other artists this New Year, I’ve been reminded of a healthier perspective on creative content; one that focuses on the process of creation, recognizing your current time and place as purposeful.

Along my own journey, I’ve found that to be content with our creative paths is to acknowledge a bigger purpose and process in their actualization. It is to create a means of personal fulfillment in your every day that is not limited by the confines of canvas or choreography. It is to know that your contribution to creativity is original and heartfelt…and perhaps more evident one season than it feels during another.Wellth

The more time I invest surrounding myself with creative content, the more I enjoy the journey towards being creatively content.

So these are the deep thoughts I’ve been thinking lately…realizations I felt compelled to share with you here. I’d love to know your thoughts…

I’d also love to share with you my recent reads/listens should you feel inspired to up your creative content – see below and soak up some St. Patrick’s Day motivation :)Oliver

Here’s to SeVeN years of learning, growing, reflecting, writing, rehearsing, performing…and sharing it all with you here on Tutus&Tea!

Let us all continue to indulge trains of thought on their curious journeys…you never know what creative content you have yet to discover.

I leave you with this lovely quote I came across recently that resonated beautifully:


“Use all the intense energy you put out to make plans in 2015, and alchemize it into a more joyful energy that is completely aware of all the blessings that are, and all the adventures that are yet to be had in 2016…Awareness is the place where stories are written.” Sakara Life


inspired thought tracks & trails. ~ p.e.

Currently on my Creative Content Book Shelf:

Shonda Rhimes’ “Year of YES: How to Dance it Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person”

Jason Wachob’s “Wellth: How I learned to Build a Life not a Résumé”

Brené Brown’s “Rising Strong”

Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” (her podcast “Magic Lessons” is also just as inspiring)

Also, Check out Onward Creatives, an exciting new Podcast released by Tina & Jack Fussell to follow the lives and conversations of creative individuals chasing after their dreams…


…and come join Boston Ballet in our latest program, Kaleidoscope, opening tonight! A colorful canvas of Balanchine’s Kammermusik No.2, Jakobson’s poetic Pas de Quatre, Forsythe’s The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude, and Léonide Massine’s Gaîté Parisienne!