In lines and lakes we gather

beating many hearts as one

In rows and flocks we’d rather

spin a tale that’s nary done

Telling stories from the borders

strength in numbers never fails

Until the roles we hope to realize

doth a time and place avail

We hold the weight of dreams encumbered

by narration’s fateful choice

Which claims the bodies of the corps

to give the higher ranks a voice

As hindsight loves to reason

lives we solely choose to live

Time must past to understand

the value only we could give

Moving onwards to new journeys

rows and lines will start to bend

Corps de Ballet

spells the story of a bond that never ends.

— written on a regional Amtrak; Manhattan bound. 03.27.2016self-portrait

Tonight’s performance marks the re-premiere of Swan Lake at Boston Ballet…As we embark upon this last flight of our season, I thought I’d dedicate this little corner chronicle to my sister Swans, whose unity, strength and resilience make every journey count.

let’s #flocktogether ladies.