A girl walks into a country
Where everyone’s pretty and pressed
They pedal to work, they dine and they smirk
And don’t seem the slightest bit stressed

She dreamt of the days she once knew there
When she danced for the Queen and the King
Looking back on the past, that she feared would not last
She realized one marvelous thing:

Most people are born with one family
They grow up to know and to love
But fewer are blessed with a special request
For two families sent from above

And so it was now she discovered
Coming back to a home she once knew
She could dance and delight in divergent respite
To the Danes she would always stay true

Humility she would take with her
Love and light they poured into her heart
She had one last dance in a most surreal trance
And set off to begin her fresh start.

words are never enough for these truths.

With love for my Royal Danish Ballet family and this most hygge reunion,


{Prayers for Orlando}.