most days I stay horizontal

guarding jewels and keeping keys

waiting for a second to stand and spin

to the melody of memories

most days I’ll look around

black box filled with hidden treasure

a silent wake of leftover notes

dizzy from a quick turn dare not measure

most days I’m in the dark

imagining boundaries beyond my stage

trading spotlight seconds for lonesome hours

not knowing that world beyond this cage

most days I wouldn’t change

the secrets I hold, the roles I mold

soaking up stardom so fleeting

there’s more beyond this space, I’m told

emeralds and rubies and diamonds I watch

sparkling bright, barely see the light

I know the pain of hiding jewels

potential unraveled from day to night

open me up and you will see

a stage of secrets so revealed

I’ll dance along to the sweetest song

me and my treasures no longer concealed

most days I try to recognize

trade work for wonder, shield your eyes

searching for keys, reaching for locks

there’s more beyond the jewelry box.

– a summer in transit. midnight musings.

photo by Kenneth Edwards