our most powerful medium of movement

they share love, they reveal hate

they express fear, they promise hope

they dig deep, they reach high

they build bridges, they divide countries

they start stories, they write endings…

they console and they commit

they believe and they berate

they vie and they vote…leaves fall

Today the spotlight is on a United States, that has perhaps never felt so torn apart. In my classes at Columbia this morning, I sat through three, profound hours of open-hearted discussion…Words of fear & faith, courage & confidence, privilege & politics, words scattered between sobs and words laced with laughter. What’s next we ask? While some celebrate a win and others mourn a loss, we are bound together by the only tool for change that is universally accessible: the power of using our words to heal and to hold together a nation that is only as strong as it is united.

This doesn’t mean agreeing on everything. It means being aware and respectful of differences. It means seeking first to understand, and then to be understood. It means harnessing humility, and loving large.

I’ve been neglecting these creative chronicles ever since my Student life has turned me upside down and inside out with readings and papers and perspectives that keep me up into the wee hours of the night, questioning all of the things I thought I knew…but that’s just exactly the point. We are daily presented with opportunities to learn, and the reality of how much we have yet to understand has never seemed so desperately relevant.

Today is a day I have only my words to share. I have only the words of others to seek to understand. 

In her most genuine speech this afternoon, Hillary Clinton reminded the nation to,

 “Never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.” 

My wish for this country is that we respectfully embody the changes we want to see in this world.

We are our words. Together or Apart. LOVE will always trump hate.

A week or so ago I found myself struggling through one of those sleepless nights, when these scattered thoughts decorated my mind…

Leaves falling loose like

Scattered pages in my mind’s, eye

Minutes turn to hours

Shifting seasons creeping up, try

to hold onto the moments

Knowing these are sure to pass, looks

From strangers passing by

Trading stories from their own, books

Are filled with all the facts

That you didn’t know you didn’t, know

That days will turn to weeks

The curtain rises for a new, show

Not looking for the answers

Trading pennies for your thought, train

Wet puddles over pleasures

Finding words that fall like this, rain.

campus leaves

We are #strongertogether. Mindful words make Mindful worlds.

It’s a drizzly Wednesday in Manhattan…the leaves fall where they may, what will we choose to say?