well 2016… How you’ve flirted and skirted and dipped us when we least saw it coming.

Spontaneity…Tension…Improvisation. If that’s not what life is really about, I’m not quite sure what is. I’m fully aware that most people are quite anticipating your final bow and I can’t say I’m not one of them…but I also can’t let this very last of your days pass without a gentle nod of gratitude. For the triumphs and challenges, for the tears of transition, of joy, of love, of legacy… For the bursts of wind that blew me from one great city to another. For the courage to make big decisions and for the support of family and friends who make up the most cherished (and necessary) pillars of strength to see your seasons through.img_9500It’s not every day/month/year that we get to acknowledge momentous chapters of our lives — least of which the ones that invite us to gather decades of memories, sacrifice and successes…to step boldly over thresholds of certainty into territory unknown—and for this, I thank you.img_9499

In your last awaited hours, let us celebrate how we’ve grown from your turbulent tests & trials…how any effort to divide us provided opportunities for inclusion, for empathy, for love shown across the inexplicable marvel that is humanity.

For the belly laughs & beautiful views, the travels & turns…the Weddings, Engagements, Final Performances, Creative Collaborations…For new neighborhoods and daily rhythms.img_9503

For the Art you’ve nourished, and the extraordinary talent and passion that lie behind the artists your days have inspired.

And lastly, thank you for the Promise of the Present. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from you, it is to honor the treasure of transition, to trust in time.

Tomorrow brings a new year, filled with new words, thoughts, memories to make & mold…Light to share. Life to breath. Love to give.

We might not miss you, but your days have no less contributed to the perspectives and powers we’ll sprinkle upon the future.

enlightened versions of our selves, empowered by your passing.

2017, we welcome you with open arms.


photographs by Karolina KurasJack & Tina Fussell, and Yours Truly. Dresses by Louiza Babouryan