sweet, sweet summer. how you flirt & flounce & free us of our wonders and worries. 

bachelorettes & broadway shows, green parks, graduations.

letting go of time and reaching for sunsets escaping…below the hudson river, beyond the pier. 

Tony parties & Strawberry margs…midnight treats & heavy sleeps. 

weddings & wake-up calls to the decadence of rose petals and young love

reunite, reflect, recharge, remember.


embracing change, soaking in the city, celebrating all of the things.


As I drift between limbos of liberation & complete overwhelm at the thought of what I’m going to be when I grow up, I’ll leave you with this small thought to think from the brilliant, bold Eleanor Roosevelt…

“When we admit that one can not retrace one’s steps and live life over again, we may accept the fact that we might as well savor it and enjoy it as we go along and not always be striving for something in the future which after all we may never achieve nor enjoy.”  {It’s Up to the Women}

….she would obviously be most welcome at my celebrity dinner party.


sandwiched between Martha Stewart & Lin-Manuel Miranda, respectively.

that’s all.