welcome friends, to a casual, winding road of summer (a)musings that I’ll do my best to keep consistently indulgent…a wee little series I’m calling @staypinterested.


inspired by the plethora of pins I’ve amassed since this digital cork board became the #1 time-suck ever created, i thought it better to go ahead with sharing my thoughts along side said internet-clippings, rather than wait to compose all of the perfect pictures par moi… sacrificing much of my intellectual curiosities & creative talent along the way ;)

alors, today’s collage calls to contact.


living in an overpopulated, desensitized city daily affords us the blessing/curse of contact in every [sense] of the word. contact with strangers, friends, textures, talent…it throws us into cycles of sensory overload while begging us to savor the tastes/touch/sights/smells of the city in rapid passing. one might think living in Manhattan means competitive social calendars and sidewalk traffic & they would’t be wrong…the hustle, the hope. but living here also means chance happenings, meet-cutes, serendipitous star crossings & human resilience like I’ve never seen before.

as we pass through crowds of strangers we probably follow on Instagram, trade subway smiles or share a thought…I can’t help but savor the connectedness of a city that boasts the country’s largest population. A touch, a wink, a nod…a lingering stare in passing.

contAct is all around us. . . if we spare a moment to notice the stages we share.

Contact Collage #staypinterested

{a thankful nod to #Pinterest for all the swoon-worthy images that will, at once, spark this series & drive these deliberations–> spoken in the”Queens English” provoked by my belated binging of The Crown}

#summerseries for the solstice

stay {p}interested.