sometimes when stars align, the universe smiles down on us and gives us winning days like this one – International Yoga Day and Summer Solstice in a perfectly wrapped, cloudless, 82 degree bundle.

you don’t have to be a flower-crowned fairy or a humble (mat) warrior to appreciate the coincidence of our longest day of the year falling upon a celebration of mindful practice. I mean…given our current political/environmental climate, the universe pretty much #namaslayed it with this one & we’d all do well to take notice. 

if you have but 5 minutes, take some deep mindful breaths in the sun today, don’t hold back.

Breath once for yourself, once for your friends & once for your foes…and then follow @nude_yogagirl (below) and learn how to love the skin you’re in.
Listen to some summer folk, root your bare feet in the ground, sip something refreshing & for all the Gods’ sake, stay #HeavilyMeditated ;)

midsummer melodies


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*written listening to a Punch Brothers/Dear Evan Hanson combo sipping Licorice Mint Tea, subtle distractions provided by Madison Ave pedestrians down below. . .