2018. What a whirlwind trip around the sun you’ve been…

Your seasons passed like sand through slippery fingers, leaving tiny remnants of high highs & low lows…of all things easy to remember and hard to forget, like ripples in my wake. The privilege of reflecting on you is a true layer-cake of all the feels.

From candlelit flows at dawn to mountaintop meditations, your days flew by like fireflies… flirting and fooling me, try as I might to trap your minutes in a bell jar of time.

From mind-bending lectures, mind-blowing theater and every subway ride, song and step in between, you’ve served up stories tapas-style… salty, sweet, flavorful and just enough to leave me wanting.

Chasing ancestry through California soil, Caribbean sand and Salt-Lake City Snow… I’ve found myself dancing alone with you, at times struggling to lead or perhaps more so, reluctant to follow.

Through lyrics and literature, you’ve carved my path into a myriad of memories, of cobblestoned side-streets…and to borrow from a certain Great Showman, left me dreaming, eyes wide open.

As I round out a 27th year, striving to be still and know (while relentlessly questioning forward footsteps), you gifted me Becoming and left me smiling at a year sprinkled with uncertainty on page 1:

“…What do you want to be when you grow up?”...it asks, As if growing up is finite. As if at some point you become something and that’s the end.” 

(YesSsSss Michelle Obama…. Praise, Cheers & alllll the things)

In this coming Now Year, I will channel my favorite FLOTUS…do my best to embrace the unknown and dwell fully in becoming. Join me, will you?

2019, we welcome you with humility & hopes high.

belly laughs & love,


p.s. For those aspiring artists in sunny SRQ, meet me at the barre on January 6th for a hometown ballet Master Class/Q&A! See here for all the info :)