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Posted on April 21, 2015

{silent} stacks… A white marble alcove, grand statues we found A haven where stories and secrets abound With dawn came the morning, a peaceful resound A place where so many a lost soul surround A barer of lessons both small and profound A chance to let thoughts dance, and dually rebound A morning of quiet in a city renowned A sleepless dream’s answer, when no one’s around. Photographed by the loveliest Karolina Kuras one very early morning at the New York Public Library. Dreamy Dress designed by Louiza Babouryan. dreaming at dawn ~ p.e.

let them eat cake.

Posted on March 30, 2015

Once upon a Raspberry Lemon Ricotta Cake, there ate three girls.  Desperate to find the forlorn flavors of Spring, they gathered round a joyous effort of citrus-laden confection—willing the likes of frozen berries to suffice amongst the complimentary combination of flour, eggs, ricotta and sugar… In perpetual anticipation of leaves on trees and Vitamin D’s…they sat dreaming over a celebratory sweet, raising glasses of Malbec to the finish of winter’s final bow—a gentle Sunday snowfall that rebelled against late March’s better attempts at seasonal turnover.  Another repertoire conquered. Another bright attempt at forgetting the most epic of mother Winters. They strongly suggest you share in this successful marriage of flavors, in hope that sister SpRiNg is ripe & ready to show off her coat of many…


Posted on February 27, 2015

In light of this short month’s ability to sell an abundance of chocolate and likewise, commercialize on yet another palatable holiday… I thought I’d give a little (belated) tribute to Saint Valentine, and the wonder/quest/conquest of noble love he’s long since been remembered for. Without getting carried away on a bed of roses… I thought I’d share with you all a collection of thoughts I came across not long ago, a soft suggestion really, that has simplified my perspective on life in a truly generous way. I invite you all to start your day and continue your year with this humbling challenge: Love. Just Love. Love your city. Love your home. Love your food. Love your dreams. Love your people. Love. Love the things that are easy…

{creative} collaborations.

Posted on February 19, 2015

Among the many wonders and hopes I have for the great wide world of technology, I’m tickled by the idea of encouraging it’s potential for creative collaborations. The ease at which we can use social media to create a “following,” or more importantly, procure one for others amazes me on a daily basis. There is an ever-present opportunity for spontaneous introduction at the very tips of our fingers! If that’s not a 21st century perk – I’m not quite sure what is… One such tech-fostered friend by the name of Kenneth Edwards came to me recently through Twitter – With a passionate interest in living his art, Kenneth proposed we collaborate on a photoshoot, aiming to capture personality, passion and authenticity through the lens of his impressionable Hasselblad…

{wonderful} west.

Posted on January 15, 2015

Happy New Year Merry Revelers! Indeed, we are half way into Jolly January, and it somehow feels as if the curtain just went down on our final Nutcracker Performance way back in 2014… Needless to say, these chilly days (25 here this morning!) are flying by with inspiring energy…ready to claim our best shots at New Years Resolutions…(do see this most lovely post on my Sister’s blog, ‘LittleElbowRoom,’ for more on that :) In the mean time since we spoke of dreaming, I have in fact become a whole year older (wiser?), experienced the magic that is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, spent some much needed & valued days with my dear family in Florida, adventured out to the wild west coast where close friends and…

scope of {hope}.

Posted on December 31, 2014

As this year of 2014 comes to a final finish, I thought I’d continue along the theme of dreaming Tutus&Tea has been indulging in of late… a welcome way to greet the new year, oui? Earlier this month I had the honor of attending the Massachusetts Women’s Conference— a gathering of 10,000 women who came to see and hear from the empowering female voices of our time. Among them, the lovely Lupita Nyong’o who spoke so eloquently, her words resonated in my heart for weeks afterward… “Dreams are portals to your purpose,” she stated humbly – Daring doors of opportunity, if you will… By sharing her own story, her own fearful climb to success, Lupita explained how despite her fears and obstacles, she would…


Posted on December 3, 2014

cake. think about it. Is there any other food that encompasses celebration so perfectly? I’d argue viably there is not…Birthdays, Graduations, Retirements, Holidays of all shapes and sizes…Gentle whiffs of Chocolate, Vanilla, Carrot, Red Velvet …vying for your palate’s pleasure… It’s always a good idea. That’s why when I had family come to visit for the end of our Swan Lake run, I thought it would be the ideal time to break out a new recipe, to celebrate holidays and milestones past, present and future with those I love and hold so dear. So, Hummingbird Cake. A playful variation on Carrot Cake (my usual favorite), that trades pineapple and bananas for carrots, and gracefully hosts decadent layersonlayers of cream cheese frosting. (The only frosting that…


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