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Posted on December 31, 2013

    2013 … How you challenged and treated and travelled me afar… 365 Days of daring and decisions, moves & memories, love & laughter, tutus & tears…packing and performances…All the while cooking & chronicling away here on Tutus&Tea. It’s amazing what can happen in a year. Trials and tribulations, accomplishments and accolades — all of which build our character and guide us to learn and grow and become better people. It’s nearly overwhelming to round-up the happenings of this past year, but it brings me humility and happiness to reflect and appreciate the highlights below… 22 was a good year to say the very least…I’m so thankful to all of the friends, family and followers who made it so ever enriching. Here’s to…

{calm} before the tour.

Posted on June 28, 2013

There’s just nothing like a weekend in the woods to reconnect you with your childhood…something about the smell of fresh, forest air and the feeling of grass in between your toes…throwing frisbees and swimming in a lake, that’s enough to make any dancer (person) yearn for the summer camp experience they never had. That’s not to say ballet summer intensives didn’t have their own unique offerings… (lanyards anyone? ;) Needless to say amongst all of our preparations and rehearsals for Boston Ballet’s upcoming Tour to London, a 24 hour sleepover in New Hampshire seemed like a non-negotiable ~ The perfect combination of s’mores, badminton, nature walks and fireworks to fuel up for our upcoming week of performances at the Coliseum, London’s largest theater and home…


Posted on December 17, 2012

This past weekend between bookend performances of Sleeping Beauty, the Royal Theater hosted an evening of mixed repertoire—a Hübberiet—ranging from Opera Christmas Carols to live bands on stage…sprinkled throughout, numbers from the winners of ‘Vild med Dans’ (Danish spin on Dancing with the Stars) and the company’s latest undertaking, Corpus. Behind this wholesome image of individuality lay the creative devices of Tim Matiakis and Esther Lee Wilkenson, two dancers in the Royal Danish Ballet who masterminded a collaboration of unique talent and childhood dreams to create Corpus (body)- Each dancer was asked questions regarding their aspirations as artists and dreamers, and depending on our answers were encouraged to choreograph, improv and create a piece distinct to our personal experiences and passions. The result…? A multifaceted display of…

Sesame Bars & Snacks.

Posted on December 6, 2012

Come December, you can bet dancers around the world are working overtime to various Tchaikovsky scores…decorating stages with visions of Sugarplums, Snowflakes, & fairytale magic of the like… This means double (for some companies triple!) show days every weekend, with a few late nighters sprinkled throughout the weeks in between. When all is turned and tired, it is all we can do to beat the winter cold, vigorous working schedule and perhaps one too many hours in satin shoes…am I right? am I right? That being said, I wanted to share with the world a simply brilliant recipe I adapted ever-so-slightly from one of my new favorite blogs, Green Kitchen Stories.  It’s the perfect go-to, ‘in a pinch’ power bite, complete with your crunch,…

Back to Beauty.

Posted on November 30, 2012

As friday wraps up a month of Turkey, Pumpkin Pie and a good lumpsome of La Bayadere’s,  we will finish the month off at the Royal Theater this evening ~ where Christopher Wheeldon’s Sleeping Beauty (created on the Royal Danish ballet two years ago) will repremeire. Our first of fourteen performance this month, I will look forward to enchanting audiences with a Song here and there…perhaps attending to the Lilac Fairy or playing in the garden amongst Aurora and her other friends. Once again, a little sneak peak of the breathtaking costumes designed by the talented Jerome Kaplan…Time to reawaken the fairytale with Tchaikovsky’s gentle melody, gifts of Song, Temperament…romantic second acts ‘nymphing‘ and perhaps a few roses from a faraway Prince ;) Pictured…

backstage bayadère.

Posted on November 24, 2012

Are you all recovering from Turkey day? I would love to wish the Happiest Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans this week… Here’s to tables full of family and all the fixin’s…Don’t you just love an excuse to try out new recipes while digging up those traditional favorites past down from generations?? Creamed Kale anyone? Gluten free stuffing? I was happy to contribute a homemade Pumpkin Pie to the dessert table this year.. Remember this one that reined last November? Maybe you were more into the Pumpkin Scones from Alice’s Tea Cup..too hard to choose :) This evening we will finish up our run of La Bayadere over at the Royal Theater. Did you get to see it? I thought I might dedicate a little corner…

Seasons & Shades

Posted on November 7, 2012

Anticipation is rising as Saturday’s premiere of La Bayadère draws near…Between our daily runs, last minute costume checks and changes, it’s been a true delight to see this production come together. It always seems like yesterday that new productions are presented to us as slideshows, hand-drawn sketches and fabric swatches passed around to get ‘a vision’ of what the next 3-5 weeks of rehearsals and collaborative efforts might bring…when all of the sudden the curtain rises on opening night, and everything has come to longdancing fruition. I especially enjoyed sneaking my camera around the studios and hiding behind wings to attempt capturing the process of this ballet, as I believe it contributes wholly to appreciating the final production ~ a luxury, which I am happy…


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