“Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.”- Chaim Potok

summer fruit.

Posted on September 14, 2015

let’s talk tomatoes.

and how in Spain they taste like candy and in summer they taste like happiness.

and how they come in all shapes and sizes and have different names even though they’re all the same fruit…kind of like people.

and how they hold their own in capreses just as well as they decorate pizzas and dance with spaghetti.

and how they’re stewed. sautéed. baked. battered. vine-ripened & roasted.

and how they call themselves cherry. plum. beefsteak.

they’re nothing short of heirloom royalty and they’re what summer CSA dreams are made of…

enough with these words.

 See, taste, savor for yourself…Tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes tomatoestold you so…

sun-ripened soliloquies ~ p.e.

only when I {dance}.

Posted on September 9, 2015

Yesterday I had the humble pleasure of seeing a documentary made on a sweet friend and colleague of mine at the Boston Ballet, the freshly promoted soloist, Irlan Santos. Only When I Dance follows Irlan from rooftops in Rio to the bright lights of New York City as his dancing talent, contagious spirit and relentless drive take him from studios to stages the great world over…at the ripe young age of 18.

This raw peak into the realities of pursuing your passion despite all odds gave me such a renewed perspective and appreciation for my own path towards dancing professionally…the support of friends and family not diminished in the least, as self determination and confidence can only carry you so far…Pointes & ConverseSacrifice is a common ground for most dancers, but the extent of which financial burdens, injuries, exposure, and timing present themselves can make or break a career that’s already seen as a rare opportunity for success.se-58Inspired by the journey of Irlan, among so many other devoted artists/athletes I know, I thought I would just take this moment to thank those lovely people—family, friends, mentors, teachers, and fellow dancers—that have been integral in helping me pursue my own unique path across studios and stages…Central Park To the generous documenters of my journey, collaborators, photographers and artists in their own right, who have helped to capture precious moments once fleeting, now preserved…Central Park…and of course to you beautiful readers who share these memories with me here on Tutus&Tea. I encourage you all to watch this moving documentary (now on Netflix!) of one dancer’s journey, filled with unnerving portrayals of sacrifice, family support, timing & talent.Central ParkOn a side note for those of you interested, I participated in a Dancer’s Webinar on eating for energy and injury prevention on The Whole Dancer last week ~ a lovely interview with former dancer and health coach Jess Spinner that you can listen to here :)

…and a generous thank you to Albert Ayzenberg, who danced around a misty morning in Central Park with me to gather these photos for his #BehindtheGlass series!

To every dedicated artist and athlete out there, let us continue to inspire one another with our unique stories, individual paths towards fulfillment, and endless journeys towards sharing and spreading Live Art. This is a gift. 

let’s dance.



the {whole} dancer.

Posted on August 20, 2015

Today marks the one week countdown to an exciting Webinar I’ll be partaking in over at The Whole Dancer!

“Geared toward high level dancers working towards, or already immersed in, their professional careers,” health coach Jess Spinner and I will be discussing different ways of Eating for Energy and Injury Prevention… sharing thoughts on staying balanced in both dance and in life.

Balance. An ever present friend/foe, pursued not only by those of us en pointe, but perhaps everyone seeking stability in their lives. 00332V5A0787Nourishing relationships, meals, perspectives…Balance is about finding your own equilibrium, a state that is unique to your needs, your body, your mind.00362V5A0861It doesn’t always have to be black or white, right or left, happy or sad … discovering ways to find your best self is as cathartic a realization as ever. Rather than an end all destination, balance is about your mental/emotional/physical journey to the unknown, that keeps you grounded as a person, a dancer, an artist. 00342V5A0818Every day offers the challenge of pursuing a healthy lifestyle, doing what you love, nourishing your body and mind, and indulging in special moments big/small…00372V5A0866

Every day, the luxury of establishing your own center in light of beneficial balance.

Come join us next Thursday, August 27th at 8pm! You can register for free, here – Free Webinar*First four photos above by Karolina Kuras, Poster photo by Kenneth Edwards

Look forward to tuning in with you!


Here’s to you, Julia.

Posted on August 15, 2015

Here we are… a beautifully sunny day in the smack middle of August—an entire month of summer left to savor sweet berries & swaying breezes. I thought there was no better time than now to make an appearance on Tutus&Tea, my sweet little nook of creative chronicles that has been sorely neglected as summer travels & temptations took me far and wide…You see today, we celebrate not only the sweetness of summer, but the birthday of Culinary Royalty herself, dearest Julia Child.

The contagiously entertaining American chef and TV personality who mastered The Art of French Cooking would be 103 today, and no less jubilant in the kitchen she called home, I can only imagine…

My parents bought me this incredible picture of Julia, kneading away some dough, basking in stolen summer sun…I think it’s the perfect embodiment of all the joy and passionate simplicity she pursued in life, and I love getting to share it here:

Photograph by Paul Child circa 1952, Harvard University

Photograph by Paul Child circa 1952, Harvard University

As these long days ensue, I look forward to getting back into the rhyme & rhythm of sharing bits of travel memories, keeping you posted on what’s happening in the studio over at Boston Ballet now that our Season has just started back, and pausing to capture, share & savor the little moments of beauty that continue to present themselves on these lovely, sun-laden summer days…

Thanks for holding out for me!

Let’s raise a Rosé to the one and only, shall we? Here’s to you, Julia. May your courage to share, eagerness to learn, endless ability to laugh, and humble talent to nourish so many passions keep us all inspired to live our days abundantly… to keep our glasses full, our plates decorated, and our palates insatiable!

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” -Julia Child

happy bellies & birthdays~ p.e.


Posted on July 2, 2015

Today I’ll begin a three week adventure around Europe with the loveliest combination of family and friends… Amidst my summer travels, I can’t help but find points of pause here and there – quiet opportunities to stop, to soak up the moment, to absorb sunlit smiles well into the depths of my memory stores…

I’ve been so grateful to call Manhattan home these past few weeks…reveling in the simple luxury of finding solace and serenity in a City that never sleeps. Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting with photographer Albert Ayzenberg for his original series Behind the Glass – a passion project that brings together the collaborative talents of artists alike…I found myself dancing around misty botanical gardens in Central Park, doing what I love with hopeless abandon in the peaceful center of a restless island I’ve known since I was 13. Eleven years later and this magical city still plucks my heart strings with endless inspiration, an energy and fervor I’ll continue to savor with each and every return…



…next stop, Iceland!

Stop by shelbyelsbree.com for more images from Albert’s #behindtheglass series

(See Central Park I & Central Park II)!

ballerina on a break ~p.e.

summer so sweet

Posted on June 24, 2015

summertime. I can’t say it aloud without a smile. a season of lazy mornings, afternoon storms, el fresco evenings and rooftop dinners with all of the rosé. a melon-sweet break from the routine callings of rival months, when we lovingly embrace indulgent days of lingering sun and sand covered feet.

a time for adventure. sleep. travel. reflection. a reason for rest. 

this past month has had me skipping across the great blue a time or two…sprinkling old and new cities with fresh memories and nourishing friendships.

a whirlwind weekend in the British Virgin Islands reacquainted my skin with sun and salt-water seas. there were pirate ships, parties, caves, and drinks on drinks (on drinks). I mean, we were thirsty. I got bit by a jelly fish. totally worth it.

a week in Oslo brought back all the flirtatious flavors of my favorite Scandinavian palate – a neighborhood of the most beautiful, streamlined countries sparkling with mid-summer’s glow and rolling hills of fern-gully green. music festivals. boardwalk swing. sculpture parks. walks on wharfs. simplicity.

IMG_3375 …and now a temporary home called New York City where sleepless minutes pass like hours, having all of the fun. getting caught up in the contagious pulse of a concrete jungle I’ve come to know and love…surprise visits from beautiful Danes. broadway shows and brunches. cold brew and cabs. flea markets and frozen yogurt.  another month ahead of good reads and jet-setting to inspire my daily chronicles. late night swims and all of the watermelon…

tell me love, how are these decadent months treating you?

midsummer night dreaming ~ p.e.

curtain {song}.

Posted on May 25, 2015

Theater cases filled with seasoned shoes and visions of

a sliding curtain’s song fatigued with stories, whispered love

Another year gone by will host new memories that beam

from a small black box which carries shows and silent tears that stream

lightly from a weathered body doth the artists’ hope conceal

the secret of a tired athlete lies in discipline’s reveal

As we take our final bow, lean limbs encumbered by our act

applauded by the hands that came to see our evening’s work react

you see, the flight of every artist starts with aspirations high

absorbs the burden of our lofty dreams that gently dance on by

toward the wings of great divide which mark a magic space’s start

a sacred Opera House’s stage that holds each ballerina’s heart.


Shelby by KarolinaTo my most beautiful Boston Ballet family,

 Thank you for another season brimful with memories I’ll cherish forever…Happy Summer!


Photo by the lovely Karolina Kuras, Dress by Louiza Babouryan


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